Construction of the kindergarten in Marki at the Duża Street is under way

Another kindergarten is on its way. Construction works have been commenced on the secured area of the kindergarten at the Duża Street in Warsaw Marki. At the same time, production of building modules is carried out at the production facility in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.

At the moment, earthworks associated with the preparation of foundations for the new section of the kindergarten are being carried out. The investment is realized in the design-and-build formula. The building will be built on a rectangular plan. Each room for children will have its own sanitary facilities. The new part of the building will be adapted to the needs of disabled and elderly people. Furthermore, a playground and a car park will be constructed. Thanks to its extension, in the new school year the municipal facility will accept 225 children (that is 9 additional divisions). The project is conducted by the Marki Urban Investments.

Thanks to the application of a modular construction system, the investment implementation time is greatly reduced.