Contract for construction of the 3rd modular kindergarten in Bielany signed

This is certain. On Tuesday, 17th of April, a contract for the construction of a modular kindergarten at the M. Dąbrowskiej 5a Street was signed. The kindergarten will be implemented in modular construction technology. The kindergarten design will also incorporate the Ciepła Ściana Osłonowa (Heat Shielding Wall) by MW Technic.

This is a third facility of this type in Bielany, which we will build. Contrats for the construction of two kindergartens at the Przy Agorze 12 and Conrada 10a Streets were signed in March 2019. They will replace pre-existing kindergartens on those locations built in the 1970s in wooden technology, the so called “Ciechanów” type.

– A big challenge is ahead of us. For the first time we will be building in Bielany in the modular system. This method will enable us to construct three kindergartens in a very short period of time as compared with the traditional method. The implementation time is shortened from 2 years to about 6 months. This is why we chose this technology – said Mr Tomasz Mencina, Mayor of the District of Bielany.

New kindergartens will provide not only better conditions, but will increase the space for children by approx. 200 spots – with the total of 600. Moreover, playgrounds in these facilities will comprehensively modernized.

– It is the time to replace the old, well-used facilities with new ones. They will provide just as good conditions as those found in the facilities built in traditional technology. Furthermore, the modular technique will enable future rather easy extension of the existing kindergartens with new modules, should such need occur – said Mr Artur Wołczacki, the Deputy Mayor of the District of Bielany.

The total cost of all three investments is approximately 31 million PLN.

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