Third kindergarten in Warsaw Bielany was put into use

From March, kids from Kindergarten No. 334 at Conrada 10a street use the new building. This is the last of three modular kindergartens being built by Climatic in Warsaw’s Bielany.

The modern building has logopedic and psychological office, library and romm for psychical activities with sports and sensory equipment. The interiors have been arranged taking into account the principles of chromotheraphy. Properly selected colors of the room elements help the youngest in maintaining well-being, improve concentration and increase the willingness to play.

– This is state-of-the-art modular building, equipped with everything what you need, computer rooms, rooms for physiotherapy and for quiet classes. Rooms very bright and spacious. The facility is put up very quickly, assembly takes several days on site – says Grzegorz Pietruczuk, mayor of Bielany.

Below are photos of the object.

Modular kindergarten pictures


Modular Kindergarten at Przy Agorze street in Warsaw Bielany was put into use

On 4.03 classes were inaugurated in new built in modular construction technology kindergarten No 334 in the name of „Jasia i Małgosi” in Warsaw Bielany. During a little more than half a year implementation, we manager to develop project documentation, obtain a building permit, demolish the old kindergarten building, prefabricate a new building off-site, perform construction works and hand over the building to the district.

The new, 8 section kindergarten building provides space for 200 children. In addition to children’s rooms, in the facility we will find an administartive and technical part, full kitchen facilities and rooms for rhythmics and sensory integration.

Below we provide a video from construction site of a kindergarten, executed by Kindergarten no. 334 in the name of „Jasia i Małgosi”.