Why modular building?

30% less time to complete the project, 30% improvement in thermal insulation coefficients, lower energy consumption, coordination of design and construction work in the hands of professionals, expansion, upgrading and modernization of existing facilities, prefabrication under controlled conditions The production plant and the scope of work performed on the construction site reduced to the minimum necessary, Climatic’s advantage over the competition thanks to the use of modular technology.

CLIMATIC modular technology has been developed to meet the demands of medical construction, and at every stage of design and implementation, it is possible to adapt the facilities to the individual requirements of the customer and adapt the system to other building applications. Completing a complete project from scratch or adapting a project already owned by an investor for modular building technology is no problem for us. In the case of projects where the room is completely contained within a single module – the premises in our production facility are prepared in the “ready-to-use” standard (unless otherwise conditioned, eg installation guidelines).

Projekt kompleksu budynków modułowych

In the case of projects where the space occupies two or more modules, the prefabricated modules are largely finished, and the rooms are finished after assembly on the site (mainly for communication lines, operating rooms, classrooms and conference rooms, cages Stairs, etc.).
Loads from modules can be transferred depending on the type of expansion to:

  • Prepared foundations (points, foundation benches or foundation plates)
  • prepared reinforced concrete, steel or combined substructure
  • lower module construction (for multi-storey structures)
  • construction of an existing building (in the case of existing facilities)

Thanks to its versatile design, the Climatic modular system can be an extension of an object in any configuration and at any level – it can be upgraded at ground level (up to 5 levels in height as standard) and upgraded at any level (self-supporting structure independently supported by columns). As well as superstructures on the roof (especially attractive in the case of necessity of providing complicated installation of the machine room). The mobility and versatility of the solution also allows the modular system to be used in very restricted areas such as patios or roofs of buildings. Thanks to the experienced assembly team even the complex realization is fast and efficient.


  • Additional work and costs due to design errors hardly occur
  • Significantly lower investor oversight costs
  • Lower operating costs of the facility thanks to optimized technologies


  • Construction time is up to 50% less than traditional technology
  • Simultaneous preparation of construction and prefabrication of modules under controlled conditions
  • Start prefabrication modules immediately after project execution


  • Construction, extension and superstructure of specialized facilities
  • Possibility to stage investment


  • Minimal nuisance to the environment
  • Coordination of construction reduced to the minimum necessary
  • Simple installation of the module to reduce the risk of complications on site


  • Design, manufacture, assembly and equipment by Climatic
  • Prefabrication and equipment based on Climatic technologies and products
  • Realization of turnkey investments


  • Elimination of execution errors at project level
  • Guaranteed quality through production under controlled conditions
  • Application of state-of-the-art installation and equipment technologies


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