Prace wykończeniowe w elemencie budynku modułowego 2


The Climatic construction means an offsite prefabrication including both interior and exterior finishings. This limits works done on site to minimum. On site there is very few done: connection of modules, connection of installation and façade systems. Our production site allows to finish the building inside and outside undependently from weather conditions. On the production line there can be building of area of 2000 m2, and prefabrication level peaks to 90 percent.

The module load, depending on the type of construction, can be transmitted to: :

  • prefabricated footing (spot footing, strip foundations or slabs)
  • prefabricated reinforced concrete support structure, steel or combined
  • lower module structure (for multi-level structures)
  • the structure of the exiting building (for the upward extension of existing buildings)

Modules might be:

  • free standing buildings
  • outbuilding
  • extension
Projekt kompleksu budynków modułowych

Thanks to its universal structure, the Climatic modular system can serve as an extension of a facility in any configuration and at any level – it can be used for extension at ground level (up to 6 floors standard), as well as at any level (comprising a self-supporting structure independently supported on poles or partly supported on the existing building), and for upward extension on the roof (which is particularly desirable for machine rooms requiring complicated installation procedures).The mobility and universality of this solution makes it possible to use the modular system in locations that allow very limited access such as patios or roofs. Our experienced installation team will carry out even the most complicated projects quickly and effectively.


  • general lighting,
  • electrical power systems,
  • administrative- night lighting,
  • plumbing – sewerage systems, including fire
  • protection and rain,
  • ventilation systems,
  • heating systems,
  • process heat systems,
  • ventilation and air conditioning handling unitswith
  • automation,
  • supply boards for air-handling units,
  • air launchers and air intakes,
  • drain systems,
  • door and window carpentry,
  • fire-fighting equipment (e.g. fire dampers, etc.),
  • evacuation DC (direct current) installations,
  • power plants.


  • medical equipment,
  • operating room integration system,
  • furnishing the rooms with mobile equipment, including furniture,
  • hygienic wall panels – made of stainless steel, galvanized or glass / laminate HPL
  • according to requirements
  • spot lights,
  • installations of germicidal lamps,
  • signaling installations,
  • SAP (fire protection) installations,
  • electrical installations adapted for medical transformers,
  • laminar flow ceilings,
  • systems for air recirculation in the operating room,
  • equipment and systems for medical gases,
    additional air-conditioning systems,
  • cooling systems,
  • additional heating systems – e.g. heating floor and walls,
  • chillers,
  • additional air handling units with automation,
  • systems for automatic air pressure control,
  • radiological and electromagnetic protection systems for selected rooms,
  • other – according to customer’s requirements.


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