Phase of modular expansion of the hospital named M. Pirogowa in Łódź was completed

The modular phase of the extension of the Provincial Specialistic Hospital named after Mikołaj Pirogow in Łódź has been completed by Climatic. As part of the project, a new three-storey hospital building with an area of 2,400 m2 was built.

The hospital was enlarged with new intensive care unit and operating block with four surgical rooms and one hybrid operating room. A new sterilization and ventilation room were build. Full equipment was delivered to the hospital, and it was connected with a nearly 100-year-old hospital building by connector.


Primary school / kindergarten building at Okólna street in Marki, ready to receive children

Branch of a primary school at Okólna street in Marki, which is intendent in the future to be used as an kidergarten, has get occuapncy permit, and is thus ready to accomodate 150 youngsters. As part of the task, Climatic also created a playground and provided complete recreational and didactic equipment.

As a part of the project, a fully-equipped two-storey building was built in modular technology along with complete land development. From the moment of obtaining the occupancy permit, the object is fully prepared to perform its function.

The rooms are equipped with multimedia boards, and the building itself has a modern building management system. The building meets the rigorous requirements for insulation of partitions at the level effective from January 1, 2021.


Addition of the new storey to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration hospital in Opole was completed

Climatic has made a modular part of the storey addition to the SP ZOZ MSWiA in Opole. The implementation included addition of 5th storey of the hospital building intended for the operating block in modular technology, along with the full medical infrastructure. Anaesthesiology and intesive care departments have been enlarged. New hospital floor has been equipped with medical equipment. As part of implementation, 5 new operating rooms were created.

New hospital floor consists of about 25 modules, each weighing approximately 30-45 tons. Addition of new storey was possible thanks to use of modular construction technology. The duration of the investment was about 12 months.