Cornerstone Laying Ceremony

Yesterday, on 24th July 2020, a special event took place – the ceremonial laying of the cornerstone for the construction of a municipal nursery and kindergarten in Kiełczów. At the construction site, all the people involved in the project met, who for months have been doing their best to bring this investment to an end this year. Thank you for a lot of warm and kind words from the Voyt of the Długołęka Commune, Mr. Wojciech Błoński and all those who gathered. We hope to meet in the same people at the opening of both nursery and preschool  planned already in December this year. Our project will create places for 450 children, 300 places in 12 preschool units and another 150 in a nursery. We are sure that the investment will become an important part of the life of the local community. We treat the signing of the foundation act as an expression of trust and distinction for our company. We are proud that we can participate in this project and provide children with safe and friendly conditions for development.