Primary School No. 128 in Warsaw finished!

budownictwo modułowe

Primary School No. 128 in Warsaw gained three new rooms, a common room, a teacher’s room and a hall with access to sanitary facilities. The expansion included connecting the new rooms with the existing building. All works were done during the functioning of the main school building. For this reason, the investor decided on a technology enabling the delivery of ready modules, ie prefabrication, thus minimizing the disturbance of the construction site.

The building meets the thermal requirements for external walls, min. 0.23 W / (m2K), for roof min. 0.18 W / (m2K) and for acoustic requirements for external walls R = 35dB, and for internal walls R = 45dB. The height of the building is 4.50m enabling the necessary installations in the ceiling, thus maintaining the requirements for the height of rooms in public buildings.